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Heroes 3x25 - An Invisible Thread

Thoughts after watching...

WTF Heroes?

Why do you insist on killing Nathan at the end of every season? And this time he's really dead. We've already seen that the Sylar-as-Nathan trick isn't going to work long-term. I mean, yes, I do much prefer him to be Nathan instead of Sylar, but please. It's not going to work.

The Sylar and Claire scene was just creepy. The way he was coming on to her made my skin crawl. She does not want him. He revolts her. If he tried anything, it would be rape, pure and simple.

Loved Peter and Nathan declaring their love for each other. Petrellicest lives!

Poor Hiro! All he wants is to be a hero and it's killing him. Literally.

I loved how Peter was the President. Great table turning there.

What was that look between Peter and Mohinder at the bonfire? (And might I say that scene was a bit creepy too. Like some kind of evil pact sealing ritual.) I don't usually ship those two, but that look seemed to have a lot of meaning behind it.

If I didn't love Noah with Sandra, I could see him with Angela. Their minds certainly work alike.

In the preview for Volume 5, was that Barbara or Tracy? I only wonder because Tracy shattered. It's not out of the realm of possibilities that she melted and is now able to reform in human shape via water. But it's probably more likely that it's Barbara.

I'm sure I had more thoughts, but they're escaping me now because I'm watching Castle.
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