Elisabeth (dragonydreams) wrote,

Heroes 3.23 - 1961

Coyote Sands was a concentration camp for special people disguised as a summer camp. ::shivers::

It's hard to imagine that Angela was ever that naive. But kind of sweet too.

So Chandra's memories had been erased. That's why he didn't remember that he knew about people with special abilities. But it must not have all been erased, because he still spent most of his career looking for them. (To make up for past, unremembered, sins?)

"Even in your generosity, you are selfish. That's just who you are." Well said, Peter. I liked that memory. Sounds like someting I'd read in a Nathan/Peter story.

Now we know why Angela steals socks. And she admits it!

I thought Charles was a dreamwalker. Not that he had the power of persuasion. (I'd been waiting for someone to notice the black boy hanging out with the 3 white teenagers in 1961.)

The lab was Building 26!

I'm glad Alice didn't forgive Angela. She's been alone for too long to forgive and forget.
Tags: heroes

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