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Heroes 3.21 Into Asylum

Nothing shocking under the cut, but I kept notes, so I may as well post them.

Heroes 3.21 Into Asylum

Hee! Nathan took Claire to Mexico. To a room with only one bed. And the shippers go wild! Fic please.

Angela's on a quest.

What power was Sylar using? Astral projection?

Nathan's playing drinking games with kids to get more money. LOL.

Wow, shapeshifting looks painful.

I love Christine Rose.

I figured Claire would have to take over for Nathan's drinking. Let's see if the fanon belief that Claire can't get drunk makes it into canon... Yup, it's canon.

LMAO, the shapeshifter took Danko's shape to pick up women.

Claire's undressing Nathan! Very nice drunk confessions. Too bad they didn't hold true into the morning.

Sylar and Danko make a scary team.

More family reunions on the horizon. Yay! Along with new siblings coming out of the woodwork.

I want lots of Nathan/Claire fic now of how that drunken night could have gone differently.
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