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I finally got it

Today I did what I should have been doing the last couple of weekends, I went to look at more couches. And I found one!!!! I didn't buy the one I showed after my first excursion. While I loved it, it wasn't pracitcal for having people stay over, which I always like to plan for.

Here is a picture of the store model. I ordered it in sage though, for some extra money. (My walls are white, there's wood trim around the doors and windows and the carpet is mostly brown - a tan couch would have been too much.) The back pillows can be removed so that a person could sleep lying down on it - well, a person under 6' tall can. The cushions are squishy, but not so much that you sink into the sofa. And it comes with the 2 throw pillows.

I took the first available delivery date - May 5th. So expect more squeals of excitement that day. Good timimg too, because my mom's coming to visit on May 6th and is planning on sleeping on my couch.
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