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Heroes 3x20 - Cold Snap

Noah Gray-Cabey is in the credits. Micah! If we're meeting Rebel, then does this mean it's Micah, like I've hoped?

Hold up. Baby Matt Parkman has Micah's same power. Don't tell me the baby is Rebel. Although, *giggle* to Ando being the nice Mommy to Hiro's cold Daddy.

Tracy really should have stuck with the others. Easier to get caught alone. But it makes for a fun scene with HRG.

Baby Matt makes his toys go all by themselves. Why did that bother the babysitter so much? Less work for her.

Micah! *bounces* And my how your voice has deepened.

Swoozie Kurtz! She's getting around these days - Desperate Housewives a week ago, Heroes now. Nice of Brian Fuller to bring her over after Pushing Daisies was canceled.

"Why do you need to question my son? He's never met his father...and he can't talk." Hee!

The baby restored Hiro's power! Kinda. Sorta. Maybe?

LOL Toddler Touch and Go.

Rude much Daphne? Matt stayed by her side for 2 days and then she just up and leaves him.

Micah's Rebel. I knew it!

I call Peter saving Angela in the elevator. Hah! Knew it.
It was a bit predictable after her speech about how Peter had written her off.

Tracy's gonna sacrifice herself to save Micah? That's so unlike her. That was a cool visual effect. She makes a pretty ice statue.

Don't worry Ali Larter fans. There's a third one, remember? How long until we meet Barbara?

No! Don't kill Daphne. They just rescued her. Who's running this show, Joss Whedon?
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