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Battlestar Galactica Series Finale

I'm definitely going to have to watch again to fully process.

Why am I watching BSG live? The commercials are killing me!

Beginning flashbacks were a little annoying. Could have done without them.

Nice, touching scene between Laura and Doc Cottle.

I liked how Gaius and Caprica Six saw each other's conscience/angel.

Love how the Opera House dream played out. Finally! They've been using that thing forever. While I liked how it played out, I did at first groan "Not this again".

I really liked how the memory sharing flashbacks revealed Tory killing Callie and how Galen just snapped. Screw peace, he just found out his wife was murdered.

The found an Earth-like planet from Kara's art and music! One that's not dead.

Kara saying goodbye to Sam was sad. So was watching the fleet fly into the sun.

Kara just disappeared!?! She fulfilled her purpose, I guess. She helped her people to find a new home.

I admit it, I was crying when Laura died. It got worse when Bill put his wedding ring on her finger.

Okay, so the flashback last week with Gaius's father make sense now. To establish that he knows about farming. He may actually be useful now.

Heh, Ronald Moore was holding the magazine at the end. And Laura is the missing link. LOL.

So the BSG 'verse isn't our future, it's our past. But it could also be our future. Life is a cycle, after all.

*sniff* It's really over.

Random BSG thoughts/discoveries I've been meaning to mention:
* Did you know the actor playing Hot Dog is Edward James Olmos's son? I never knew the actor's name, so I didn't learn this until I was watching "Last Frakkin' Special".

* I also finally realized why Jessie on the Sarah Connor Chronicles looked so familiar. Stephanie Jacobsen was Kendra Shaw in BSG: Razor.
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