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TMI meme

Since I feel like slacking at work, and just about everyone I know, starting with claudia6913 has done this meme, I thought I would too.

5 Things You May Not Know About My Time in School
1. I lost all of my friends the summer before fourth grade (I don't remember why, I just know I did.) and became a lunch monitor to avoid having to go out to recess.
2. I went to arts specialized schools from elementary through high school.
3. I was a Theatre (acting) major in high school but was never cast in anything, so I worked backstage for most productions.
4. I got a D in English my freshman year of high school because I didn't want to read "Great Expectations" (didn't like it).
5. I lived in the dorms throughtout college - the last three years in the same room because it was technically a RA's suite but there was a male RA while I lived there (it was two rooms with a fireplace, and yes I always had a roommate).

5 Things You May Not Know About The Jobs I Have Had
1. I got my first real job in college so that I could do a study abroad the summer between my junior and senior years - in Ireland.
2. I worked for my parents doing odd jobs/office work in high school.
3. The worse temp job I had during one summer break was sorting expired pharmaceuticals to be sent back to the companies.
4. I started my current job as a temp. After six months they hired me and I've never left (I've officially been with the company for 4 years now).
5. I am unofficially second in command to my boss.

5 Things you May Not Know About My Online Life
1. I live online.
2. Despite spending all day online at work (I work for an employment website) the first thing I do when I get home is turn on my computer and check my email again.
3. My first online friend was emeraldswan
4. I really like playing with webpages (not the ones at work though) and figuring out new ways to do things.
5. I have more friends online than I do in RL now.

5 Things you May Not Know About Where I Live
1. There are over 40 colleges/universities in the Greater Boston area.
2. Driving is impossible if you don't know where you're going because streets change names as you cross into a new town and will have the same name in each town.
3. The subway system is wonderful. (Okay, this is the first time I lived in a city with a subway, and I really liked it before I bought my car.)
4. Technically I live in Watertown, which is where Eliza Dushku is from.
5. I can't think of anything else since I'm not from here.

5 Things You May Not Know About My Personality
1. I'm very shy, especially around new people.
2. I've been told that I make a cold first impression (assuming we haven't been chatting online for months).
3. I can be fairly obsessive when something catches my interest - email, fanfic, icon making, collecting things (I own virtually every Disney film except for Hercules and Pocohantas).
4. I tend to ignore people I find annoying.
5. I don't drink alcohol often. I have a fear of not being in control of my body and actions.

5 Things you May Not Know About My Home Life
1. I have two roommates, both girls, who were already friends and former co-workers before I moved in.
2. My roommates smoke pot, not incessantly, but I didn't know this before I moved in with them and may not have had I known.
3. I'm not allowed to have pets, but I'd love a cat.
4. I tend to hide out in my room at home because that's where my computer lives.
5. The TV's usually on, even if I'm not watching it.

5 Embarrassing Fannish Admissions I Have That you May Not Know About
1. I nearly had a heart attack when I received an email from a songwriter who had seen his song in one of my stories and liked the way I used it. (He's someone I used to see play in coffeehouses in college before he graduated and moved away.)
2. Half of my dreams have something to do with BtVS/AtS and/or fanfic.
3. I started out reading fanfic for "The Pretender" and "Labyrinth".
4. Every few weeks I check for news to see if "The Pretender" is going to be released on DVD in the US (it's out in France) so that I can replace the tapes I made from reruns.
5. If I ever met anyone famous I'd probably just blush and stammer and not be able to speak.

5 Things You May Not Know That I Desperately Want
1. To meet emeraldswan and claudia6913 in real life.
2. To see the girls from WriterCon again.
3. To find some direction in my life so that I can quit my job.
4. To write a book.
5. To find a good man to marry and start a family with.

5 Things You May Not Know That Are Really Important To Me
1. My family, even though I moved a thousand miles away from them.
2. My friends, both online and off.
3. My writing.
4. My computer - it's how I interact with my friends.
5. Openness and Honesty - I hate it when people try to hide things from me for my own good. (Caused a big rift in my RL a couple of years ago.)
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