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Heroes 3.19 - Shades of Grey

All I have to say is "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" to the ending. Claire in Nathan's arms hovering outside her window!

So, Nathan is officially Rebel? Or is he just working with Rebel? I could have sworn he was on screen at the same time someone was receiving messages from Rebel. Don't care. Nathan rescued Claire!

I need screencaps, like now. Need an icon of that. Either made by me or someone else. Please let there be lots of fic from that scene. Pretty please.

Sylar's daddy is the Psychic from Numb3rs! And he's now dead. What's Sylar gonna do now that he's resolved his daddy issues? Oh, he went after Danko, right. Go kill the bad man, it's okay. We don't like him.

Loved Claire going to work at the comic book store. You could practically hear the fanboys cheering. After all, what fanboy wouldn't want a hottie like Claire behind the comic book store counter?
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