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Winners have been announced at the Willowy Goodness Awards

Winners have just been posted for the 2009 Willowy Goodness Awards!

You can check out all of the winners here.
Winners, you can pick up your award plaques here.

On my flist, I'd like to congratulate (alphabetically) angelskuuipo, bloody_vir, oreadno1, purplefeen, scratchingpost1, shannon730, snogged, snowpuppies, spikesredqueen, velvetwhip

I even managed to take home a few (10) myself...
Best Willow/Giles Author, Best Willow/Giles Fic (True to Life), Best Willow/Other Male Author, Best Willow/Other Male Fic (Picking Up the Pieces), Best Multiple Partner Fic Runner Up (Lovers Retreat), Best Crossover Author, Best Willow Crossover (Into the Woods), Best Friendship Fic Runner Up (Better Than Me), Best NC-17 Runner Up (Lovers Retreat), Best PWP (Picking Up the Pieces)
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