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Calendars exist for a purpose

I have too much on my plate, I think. I had it in my head that the next round of the SunnyD Awards opens on February 15th. I only started working on the new layout last weekend because of that. When I went to the site this morning, I discovered that I said that Round 17 opens on February 8th. Um, oops.

The last round had been opening/closing on or around the 15th. Plus, the paire_awards is closing nominations on the 15th. (I've been a horrid co-mod this round and I don't think I've pimped this at all, so if you read/write Paire fic, please go nominate. I didn't write any fic for this pairing since the last round, so I'm obviously out of the running.) So tomorrow I'll be doing the voting form for that so that we can open voting on the 16th as scheduled.

I really need to put those dates in my Yahoo calendar once they're settled so that I don't keep forgetting. I'll be working on finishing the new SunnyD layout today. I'm not thrilled with it so far, aside from the homepage banner. I may be lazy and just use the same header image on all pages this round. I'm not feeling very creative when it comes to headers.

I think I had to clarify one of the rules and/or category descriptions for this round, but I don't recall which one. Must remember to search my email to see what needed clarifying according to a nominator.
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