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Heroes Episode 3x14 - A Clear and Present Danger

Heroes Episode 3x14 - A Clear and Present Danger

Claire's still all whiny. Ugh. That lipstick doesn't look good on her. And why is she still wearing the wig? It's been 2 months. Let the girl wear her hair short already. At least she got her GED and is done with high school.

I think I'm officially done with her. Sorry Paire fans, but the girl does nothing but piss me off. If I'm ever going to write in this fandom again, I need to find a pairing that doesn't involve her.

Love that Peter's an EMT now. Big 'aww' for him trying so hard to save that guy.

Hiro's adorable trying to make Ando into a superhero. Too bad Ando doesn't want to play along.

I enjoyed Peter getting a ride in Mohinder's cab. Very cute throwback.

Sylar's on a quest to find his daddy. Was it already established that his dad walked out on him when he was little? I don't recall that. Then again, I haven't paid as close attention to his past.

Why is HRG mixed up with Nathan? He better be a double agent.

Nathan may be an evil bastard, but he's still damn sexy in that suit. The evil is kinda sexy too. I really liked how they shot the scene between him and Peter at their mom's house.

What's up with Matt suddenly being able to paint the future? What does that have to do with hearing/controlling thoughts?

No, Peter. Don't hug your brother. It's a trap! Damn you, Nathan.

Hmm... Nathan saves Claire. That's interesting.

Not that she's going to let herself be saved. She's gotta go save the others.

She got Peter free! Interesting that they showed something happen under Peter's skin when he took Mohinder's power. That's new.

Loved Claire's reaction to seeing HRG in the cockpit. I still wanna know why he's involved.

What I really want to know is where the Haitian is. There was no Haitian in this episode. Is he still working for Angela, and therefore Nathan?

Can't wait for next week!
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