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Looooooong Day

I didn't get home until 8:30pm tonight. We hosted a job fair today, which in itself makes for a long day, despite the fact that it ended at 5pm (with most of the recruiters having left at least half an hour earlier). I stuck around for the dinner afterwards, my favorite part of the day. They do a really nice dinner at this hotel, completely making up for the bagged lunches. (My turkey sandwich was icky today so I had an apple, potato chips and 2 cookies for lunch.) I had a glass of Chardonay and just hung out talking with a couple of clients and my co-workers. I usually only stay until I finish my meal, but I was in no rush today. It was nice, talking to clients about non-work stuff; the co-workers too.

It's almost 10 now and I think I might go get ready for bed. I'm exhausted.
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