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Heroes: 3x13 Dual

Reactions while watching Heroes.

Brother vs Brother. Of course Peter wasn't going to shoot Nathan. Nathan so deserved that punch. I really hope they reconcile by the end of the episode. I don't like them on opposite sides.

Sylar is too damn sexy when he's being evil.

Heh. Knox & Flint want to work for Peter now because they don't want lots more special people around.

Wonder what ability Ando is going to get.

Claire shot the phone! Take that Sylar.

I love Noah.

The Puppetmaster tried to save Meredith from Slyar. Too bad it didn't fully work. Uh oh, she's locked in a room with Noah. Did I mention how much I'm loving Sylar in this episode. Evil genius.

Niki Tracy killed Knox!

Clare saved Mommy & Daddy. Aww. Good teamwork.

Woot! Nathan ditched Tracy to go after Peter. Oh, he wasn't joining Peter, just going after him.

Bathing in the formula fixed Mohinder. No more scales. But does he have any abilities?

"You broke my heart." And apparently that means Nathan gets to beat Peter up. But Nathan broke Peter's heart too by siding with their dad.

Peter got his powers back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And saved Nathan! *does happy dance* I knew he wouldn't leave this volume powerless.

Loved Sylar and Angela's scene. You know he's not really dead. Meredith either.

Everyone's going to need new headquarters next volume.

"You're my brother and I love you." "That's not what I would have done." Nathan is an ungrateful Son of a Bitch.

"Volume Four: Fugitives"
Nathan seriously needs to be hurt. And stopped. He's turning against his own people! That is not how to act out a grudge. (I've read this fanfic. It doesn't turn out well. But maybe we get Micah back?)

I need to watch again.
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