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Have you guys heard about this?

My brother just told me about this, and I hadn't heard of it before: http://www.bandfromtv.org/

The Band From TV's members are: Greg Grunberg (drums - HEROES); Adrian Pasdar (guitar - HEROES); Teri Hatcher (vocals - DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES); James Denton (guitar - DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES); Bob Guiney (vocals - THE BACHELOR/DATE MY HOUSE); Bonnie Somerville (vocals - CASHMERE MAFIA); Jesse Spencer (violin - HOUSE); Hugh Laurie (keyboards - HOUSE) and others.

I knew Greg Grunberg had a band, but I guess I didn't really pay attention to who all was in it. Now I'm gonna have to order the CD/DVD combo. Or add it to my wish list(s). *bats eyelashes*
Tags: bandfromtv, did you know?

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