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The Eclipse - Part 2

Spoilers: The Eclipse - Part 2

"I needed to know I could be a hero without my powers." Yes, Peter. We know you like being the hero.

At least Noah waited until Sylar and Elle finished having sex to take a shot.

"Did you really think I'm that stupid, Doc?"
"Yeah, I did."

Missed a few minutes when my neighbor knocked to return my curling iron and give me some egg nog cookies hot from the oven. Yum!

How does Peter know how to use a rifle? Did Nathan teach him? Nathan's the one with military training, after all. Or did the Petrelli men all go shooting on the weekends?

Slyar's not going to be dead, right? Claire either. Right? Okay eclipse, time to be over to save Claire & Sylar's lives.

Knew it!

Nathan & Haitian to the rescue!

Wow, what's up with the Haitian? "No one has power over me." Where's this sudden defiance coming from? He's always been so subservient on the show. (Then again, the brother was new too.)

I love Seth Green!

I hope Noah's right and Sylar isn't really a Petrelli. Makes so much more sense if Angela and Arthur are just pulling his strings. It works so effectively, after all.

Ah. These were still Isaac Mendez comics - this was the last issue he created. (One plot hole filled in.) Although wasn't the mysterious last one that SG referred to the one from Five Years Gone, showing the future?

Nathan fills out that shirt so nicely. ::wipes drool::

Nathan, no! Brothers divided, no! Stupid idealism. Bad idealism. Nathan and Peter are supposed to work together to save the world.

Manhattan 16 years ago? That makes Claire 17 1/2 - 18. Make up your frickin' minds already!!!!!

ETA: Did everyone catch the commercial showing that Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck on BSG) is going to be on Law & Order on Wednesday? I'm pretty much done with the original L&O, but I think I'll have to at least DVR it this week.
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