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Further thoughts on Heroes 3.10 - The Eclipse Part 1

One thing really bugged me about last night's episode. Everyone kept saying that most of our major players manifested their abilities during the last eclipse (the one in the pilot episode). That's not really true though.

As we saw in "Six Months Ago", that's when Claire, Peter, Nathan, Niki and Sylar started exhibiting their abilities. Yes, Matt, Isaac and Hiro didn't manifest until around the eclipse, but it sounds to me like the writers are claiming all of this generation manifested at the time of the eclipse.

Or are they claiming that while they may have first manifested six months ago, they were becoming stronger and able to use them better at the time of the first eclipse?

Granted, it wouldn't be the first time they contradicted themselves, but this seems like kind of a big thing to change.
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