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Heroes 3.10 - The Eclipse: Part 1

Where were Nathan and Peter? Outside the Hartsdale facility?

Nathan can't say no to his brother. Piggyback ride!

"My absence does not give you license to act like a brat." You tell her Noah.

Heh heh, Claire likes her pain. Bring on the BDSM fics.

Seth Green! Breken Myers! (Yes, I knew they were going to be on tonight, but I forgot.)

The Haitian has a brother too? I thought he was an only child. Isn't that comic book canon?

Slyar likes being powerless. Cool.

ETA: How could I forget to drool over Peter and Nathan in wet shirts clinging to muscles? And all sweaty. Yum!

Also, Daphne's secret wasn't what I was expecting. I'm not sure what I expected, but that wasn't it. Makes total sense though.
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