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Heroes 1.09 It's Coming

Yay for Paire scenes!

"I need you to stay ... innocent."

Sorry Peter, too late. Sylar already stole all her innocence. Well, almost all of it.

Kinda like Sylar letting Elle take her frustrations out on him. Go ahead Elle, burn off all his clothes. You know you want to. (So do we.)

Good boy, Nathan. Don't hug your daddy. He can't be trusted.

Not the "You're my favorite son" line. *groan* It's official. It's been used by both parents on all three sons.

Ooh, Sylar took Elle's power without killing her! Now they're gonna have sex, right?

Ah, she still has her power, but it's not so painful for her anymore. But he has it too. That scene where she was showing him some tricks got way sexy. Damn it, I'm becoming a Sylar/Elle shipper too. Don't expect me to start writing them, but I could read them.

At least Peter, Claire and Nathan are all on the same side. With Momma Petrelli.

Next week looks awesome.
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