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Heroes 3x08: Villains

Now that's what I'm talking about. Thoughts while watching.

Flint is Meredith's brother? I love it!

Elle and HRG worked together? On good terms? Strange. It was the hardest part of the episode to buy.

Loved how they blended the scene from Nathan and Heidi's accident with the new scene.

Hee! Gabriel has a plastic covered reading chair. That's too funny.

HRG: "Special just the way you are," I was afraid you were going to burst into song.

Loved Angela running from Arthur and Linderman when they were talking about killing Nathan. I so wanted her to stab him. Too bad he forced her to say Nathan had to die. Bad father! Bad husband!

Meredith caused the train wreck Claire ran into! Love it! And Flint is the man she saved? She saved her uncle.

Elle wooing Gabriel was cute. She was so sweet it was almost sickening. HRG playing voyeur made up for it.

I adore Angela. She chose her son over her husband. Good mother. Bad wife.

Future-seeing painters don't have a long life expectancy on this show, do they? I'm going to miss Mr. African Isaac.

In my opinion, tonight they were back up to par. I loved all of the little things that made season one great. All of the little coincidences and near misses. I just loved it so much.
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