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Random Heroes thoughts/questions

Punching holes in canon...

Why didn't Peter have Sylar's ability before season 3?

His ability is to absorb the abilities of those around him, right? In season one, he got Niki's power just by walking past her in Kirby Plaza. Same with DL (and I assume Micah and Molly, even though we haven't really seen him use their abilities much).

Shouldn't he have gotten Slyar's ability during one of their battles the first season? Why did he have to go to the future and take it by force? It's not like Sylar could have stopped him from absorbing his ability. Peter doesn't have any control over whether or not he takes on anyone else's ability, right? I mean, he can't learn what a person's ability is when he meets them and decide, "No, I don't want that one", and not absorb it. Right? It's just what he does - a human sponge.

Is Kring just hoping that no one noticed this little fact?
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