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Heroes 3.07: Eris Quod Sum

All my Petrellis together in one room! Claire found Peter, and she called Nathan, who came running. And Claire ran right into Nathan's arms when he came in. Hee! Too bad he brought Tracy.

Loved the awkward moment of Nathan standing between Meredith and Tracy. Fire and Ice. I've been waiting for him and Meredith to see each other again.

Meredith: I see you still have a weakness for blondes.

Still, no one told Nathan that Sylar is his brother. Someone clue the poor man in! Claire too, for that matter.

Sylar is so easily manipulated by his parents. He wants to be loved and accepted so badly that he is letting them use him. But good on him for saving Peter - twice.

Claire and Elle bonding was cute too.

I'm sure there's more to comment on, but I'm lost in a haze of happy Petrelli thoughts.
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