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Heroes 1.06 Dying of the Light

Argh! Arthur killed Adam!!! After living for 400 years, Adam was killed by having the life sucked out of him. So what exactly is Arthur's power? The sucking life thing? Because it seemed like he was communicating telepathically with Adam first. But Adam's gone! Wah.

Matt brought the turtle back with him from Africa. Aww.

As scary as the Puppetmaster is, part of me hopes that he's really Claire's biological father - to unrelate her from the Petrellis. He obviously took advantage of Meredith in the past.

3 Women with the Puppetmaster... Is it wrong that I liked when he forcibly shut Claire's mouth? If anyone had to be shot, best that it was Claire. She can play dead, after all. Then knock out the bad guy. *grin* Okay, she's redeemed herself a bit.

Shirtless Nathan! Well, shirt, but open. Still, yay! Good for Tracy for saving them.

Not so sure I like this hot-headed, power-hungry Peter. I miss my sweet, naive boy.

Daphne and Matt were adorable.

Argh again! Peter found his father alive and Arthur TOOK HIS POWERS! So, he doesn't absorb powers like Peter, he takes them for himself. But, with the formula, they can give Peter his powers back. Right?

Is it next Monday yet?
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