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Heroes Season Premiere

My thoughts while watching the season premiere:

Countdown Special

Gotta get a copy of the recap on the Petrelli brothers. It just screamed Petrellicest.

3.01 The Second Coming

Opening scene: Didn't I read that fanfic already? (Yes, and if you haven't read Love’s the Burning Boy by brighteyed_jill you really should.)

So Peter shot Nathan? While I can kinda understand the need to stop him from talking, it also makes me wonder what had happened to him to so casually shoot his brother.

Where was Molly sent? I kinda hope it was to live with Micah in New Orleans.

Why does everyone seem to be on a different timeline? Mohinder and Maya seem to be several days after the season finale. But Peter and Nathan are right in that moment. How did Sylar get to Claire so quickly?

Yay! Nathan's alive! So Adam's healing blood works long term, I guess. What is up with religious!Nathan, though?

Sylar and Claire was creepy. And a little cheesy.

Claire: Are you going to eat it?
Sylar: Eat your brain? That's disgusting.

It's confirmed: Angela Petrelli's power is to dream the future.

That wasn't very nice of future!Peter to lock himself up under a glamour.

3.02 The Butterfly Effect

Oh, Mohinder, what have you done to yourself. I don't see this working out well.

Uh oh. Claire can't feel pain anymore.

Heh, future!Peter is doing the string thing future!Hiro had done in season one. Nice parallel.

But it's future!Peter's fault that Sylar has Claire's power now - and that she can't feel pain. Sylar stole her ability to feel human.

Peter saved Claire from the train! Hee!

So, Linderman is a figment of Nathan's mind? Interesting choice for a hallucination.

Is that Weevil playing the incarcerated Peter? That's right, I heard he'd be on the show. It's a VM reunion on Level 5. lol

Definitely not Niki. I'm guessing that Tracey is going to be either a triplet or Jessica didn't really die and this is her split personality. Loved Nathan's reaction to seeing her. But with an ability to freeze, definitely not Niki.

Poor Elle, kicked out of the company after losing her father and the only life she's known. Who will she turn to?

*snort* Shameless plug for Sprint with Matt in the desert.

Ooh, another paints-the-future person.

Aaaaah! Angela is Sylar's mother? Is that to be taken literally? Granted, fandom has been speculating that all along, but really?
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