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I can't get through the day without a little Hairy Eyeball

Wondering where I've been this weekend? Well, I've been getting ready my Willow/Giles archive to launch.

I am pleased to announce the opening of Hairy Eyeball, a new archive devoted to the pairing of Willow/Giles. As those of you who love the pairing have noticed, this one has lost much of its popularity in the last several years. This is my attempt to revitalize it. Also, to make available the favorite stories of old, if possible.

Now go and check out the archive: http://www.hairy-eyeball.com

I am in the process of trying to contact authors who I know have written the pairing in the past to host on this site. If you are one of them, and I haven't gotten to you yet, please, don't wait! Send me an email with how and where I can find your fics, preferably beta'd, to elisabeth[at]hairy-eyeball[dot]com or join the Yahoo Group that goes with the site at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hairyeyeball

shannon730 and valorgrl, your pages are all set.

Those of you who may know people who would be interested on your flists, please, pimp away!

Even those of you who don't like the pairing itself, hop on over and take a quick look-see to see what I've been working on for the last couple of months.

< /pimp>

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