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Fanfic Author Appreciation Week:

You post a fave author for each day, March 6 through the 13. Tell why you picked them, give some links to their fic, say why you love them, their work, why they need more appreciation, and just wax poetic about your favorite authors for the entire week.


Since I didn't do this yesterday, I'm doing two today.

purplefeen: Her Lessons in Control series opened my eyes to the wonderful world of BDSM. I was still fairly new to reading Spillow when I read the first couple of stories in this series and was rapidly hooked. I now eagerly anticipate any new addition, whether it be to this series or a new story. She has even made me grow to appreciate Tara. You can find all of her fics at her site: Permanent Insanity

shanna9064: Belly Up to the Bar. That pretty much sums it up for me. This was one of the first W/A/S fics that I read and I have probably read it at least five times since the first time I came across it. It's a fabulous tale of lust, need and angst. You can find her fics here.
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