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Brothers & Sisters: Moral Hazard

I was literally bouncing in my chair while watching tonight's episode.

As predicted, Justin developed feelings for Rebecca while he thought there was a chance they weren't related. I absolutely loved how freaked out he was to be alone with her. His confession to Kevin was just great. He was so adorably jumpy during the movie and her reaching into his lap for popcorn and grabbing his arm during the scary part of the movie. LOVED that he confessed his feelings in the movie theatre lobby. (Some of those lines felt like they came out of my story. Hee!) But he was so nervous and jumpy and apologizing for having feelings for her. I'm so glad that she told him the truth at the end, that they weren't really related. Of course, I'm bummed that he kicked her out when she told the truth and they didn't get to kiss. But it was very true to his character to act that way. I can only hope that they get together in the season finale next week.

On a side note, I loved Saul finally coming out to Kevin and then Kevin's proposal to Scotty. I can see why most of the B&S fic out there is Kevin/Scotty. They really are a great couple.

One thing that sucks about a show you're obsessed with being on at 10pm is that when the plot bunny strikes upon the ending of the show, it's after 11pm by the time you can sit down to write, which is technically bedtime. I got 2 pages of a new fic written, but need to stop and get some sleep. Well, first I decided to stop and do this squeeing post. Because tonight's episode was definitely squee-worthy.

I wish the first season wasn't so expensive. I would love to buy it, but really can't afford a $42 DVD set right now.
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