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Website Updates

I have just spent the past several hours adding sections and links to my website. A new fandom requires its own page, so a Brothers & Sisters page has been added. It also seemed like a good time to give Crossovers their own page.

The entrance to the fiction section of the site has changed a bit. Instead of choosing from a Willow pairing (or non-pairing) or Heroes fic, you now have a portal to BtVS/AtS, Heroes, Brothers & Sisters and Crossovers. The addition of two new sections means that the navigation strip at the top of the page has expanded: Crossovers can be found by clicking on the image of Charlie Eppes (Numb3rs) & Jarod (The Pretender) and the Brothers & Sisters page can be accessed by clicking on the photo of David Annable (Justin Walker).

I'm gonna take a break from Dreamweaver for a bit now to watch some TV and start tallying SunnyD votes. There were 160 last time I check that email account. Voting ends on May 13th.
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