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Last Minute Plea

Nominations close at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards tomorrow and there are a couple of categories that are in desperate need of more nominations.

Please take a moment to read the list of current nominees, rules, and category descriptions and then go nominate in the following categories:

Best Crossover (Book) Pairing (only 2 nominees)
Best Crossover (Movie) Pairing (only 1 nominee)
Best Fanfic Website (only 1 nominee) - LJ comms are allowed, as long as they are not locked.
Best Original Character Pairing (only 1 nominee)
Best Pairing (Conventional) (only 2 nominees)
Best Pairing (Unconventional)
Best Quickie Fic (only 2 nominees)
Best Series (only 1 nominee)
Best Song Fic (only 1 nominee)

* Best Crossover (Movie) & Best Crossover (TV) Pairing currently have no nominations, so unless you can nominate at least 2 stories in each of those categories, I'd rather not have to make the last-minute nominees be carried over to the next round. I think the story for Best Crossover (Movie) Pairing has already been carried over at least one round.

I am cross-posting this like mad, so I apologize if you get this on your flist multiple times. Feel free to pimp as well.
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