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Somehow I have managed to exceed my bandwith allocation at Photobucket for the month. Not quite sure how that happened. Maybe because I had the layout images for the paire_awards hosted there? ::shrugs:: I moved those images to my LJ scrapbook (and changed the links in the layout) last night when I got the warning that I was nearly out of bandwidth, but apparently I was already too late. *sigh*

I can upload the icontest submissions for this weeks' contests to my server tonight and resubmit them. Or use my LJ scrapbook. I don't really like using the LJ scrapbook because I like having the file name in the URL. I used to always upload them to my server, but occasionally ran into trouble with it going down, so I started using Photobucket for my icontest entries. I guess it's time to go back to that host though.

I suppose it's possible that some people were evil and were hotlinking to my images. This is why people shouldn't hotlink. You screw over the graphic maker! Although, I guess the joke is on them, because now the images won't show up for them either.
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