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I took some time today to add tags to all of the posts at wg_hairyeyeball. Entries have been tagged by author and rating; as an awards site, icontest, ficathon, plot bunny, etc.

I had been looking through the tags at my personal journal and thinking about renaming some of them to group the fandom stuff together (*fandom, **pairing, ***character, etc. - just need to figure out what symbols to use). But then I started thinking about my Willow/Giles fic community and remembered that nothing is tagged over there, so I went through and tagged everything. Not a lot of people post there, so it didn't take that long. ::glares at Willow/Giles writers on my flist::

I also switched over the "new and improved" S2. Which meant redoing the layout. It's the same header image and color scheme, just a slightly different look. Plus, it gave me a chance to see what the new Generator set-up is like. It's a pretty customizable layout.
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