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Go me. I am all caught up with counting votes at the SunnyD Awards and voting doesn't close for 2 more weeks. 131 people have voted so far. There are already some clear winners, some ties, and some categories that could still go either way.

In other fun awards site news...

I've been nominated at the Willowy Goodness Awards for:
Best Willow-Fic of All Time: The Teacher's Pet Series (Willow/Angel) NC-17 *
Best Overall Willow Author
Best Willow/Giles Author
Best Willow/Giles Fic: Fanning the Flames (Willow/Giles) NC-17 *
Best Willow/Giles Fic: Stay (Willow/Giles) PG
Best Willow/Oz Author
Best Willow/Oz Fic: Frisky Friday (Willow/Oz) R
Best NC-17: Fanning the Flames (Willow/Giles) NC-17 *
Best PWP: Frisky Friday (Willow/Oz) R

I've been nominated at the Perfect Paire Awards for:
Save The World, Bed The Cheerleader Award: Setting Them Up Is Only Half the Fun (NC-17)
More the Merrier Award: Learning The Family Secrets (NC-17)
You'd Have to be Blind Award: Pictures of You (R)

Thank you!

Why yes, I do have three awards sites in various stages of activity, thank you for noticing.
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