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Well, it was the starter. I just picked the car up. They replaced the battery and the starter - one of the most expensive parts of a car to replace.

There goes the new laptop I was hoping to buy this weekend. My Grandpa had given me a nice little check when I saw him in VT and I was planning on using it towards a laptop with a working battery so that I can actually leave my apartment to write. I'll still check the paper for sales, but I doubt that I'll be able to afford what I want now.

On a happier note, I've been nomiated at the Shades of Grey Awards in the following categories:
Best Character/Shipper Site
Best Series: Teacher's Pet (W/A)
Best Het: Obligatory Consent (W/Aus & W/S) AND Whispers on a Breeze (W/Aus)
Hey, I'm competing against myself!
Outstanding Author (Reader's Choice)

Thank you Gabrielle, Kat & Lisa Kelley!

I'm also excited that my birthday is one month from today. Yes, I'm pulling a Kat and letting you know a month in advance in hopes of some lovely prezzies. I won't beg, but I've had a bad day, so indulge me for thinking of something happy.
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