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Heroes 2.09 "Cautionary Tales"

Thoughts as they happen for tonight's episode.

Arthur Petrelli! Peter and Nathan's dad has a name.

Matt is enjoying testing out his advanced powers way too much.

I hate to say it, but Claire was bugging the crap out of me. That breathy voice she kept using to try to make herself sound more earnest. Wanting to stay in Costa Verde with West. Blech. Oh, and she used her line with Peter on West, "I'm just a cheerleader." At least she paused when saying it, as if she were thinking of the last person she said it to. The one she wished was standing in front of her.

Elle is fun though. "He's so cute. Can I keep him?"

I really thought that Bennet was going to kill Mohinder. Part of me was thinking that he knows Mohinder has a daughter, for all intents and purposes, but he obviously wasn't thinking past his own daughter's safety. Good thing West was there to ground him. (And didn't that sentence feel 10 kinds of wrong?)

OMG, loved Bennet putting Elle in an iron chair, her feet in a metal tub, getting her wet, and knowing she'd electrocute herself. Hee! I love him so much.

Poor Hiro, not willing to accept his father's death. It was cute when he was talking to himself. I wanted to cry too when Kaito said he was proud of Hiro.

Gonna say it. I TOLD YOU SO! I knew it was Takezo Kensei who killed Kaito Nakamura. I called it right away.

Hey, a Rav4 is not a piece of crap! That's what I drive.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! HRG can't be dead. He can't! (At least I was right and Claire wasn't kissing the guy in the painting. I always thought he was holding her back.) But HRG was shot in the eye! Please just let the eye be gone. Don't let him be dead!

OMG! Thank goodness. Wow. Claire's blood regrew his eye and brought him back to life. But he's locked up in the Company now. Gah!

*pouts* No Nathan and no Peter. That's just mean.
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