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I missed my writing anniversary. Again.

I was just doing some updates on my website, trying to make it a little easier to read (adding indents so that the stories don't go to the edges of the page anymore). I was working on my Giles stories today, as most of you know that Willow/Giles was the first pairing that I wrote in fanfiction.

I've had it in my head for years that I started writing after Thanksgiving in 2002, but once again was reminded that my first story was written in September 2002. I had a vague feeling that I've forgotten this fact before and lo and behold, December 31, 2005 I had this same realization. And that was only my three year anniversary.

This year I missed my five year writing anniversary. How does one forget that? Probably because I don't remember when I submitted my first story to Willow's Little Secret, since it was emailed directly to Jen and not to the group.

Pairing Totals to date:
Willow/Giles - 26
Willow/Spike - 12
Willow/Angel - 12
Willow/Lindsey - 2 (1 WIP)
Willow/Oz - 2
Threesomes - 8
Non-Willow stories - 8
Charmed Crossover - 1
Numb3rs Crossover - 2
Profit/Pretender Crossover - 1
Peter/Claire - 13
Peter/Claire/Nathan - 3
Nathan/Claire - 1
Nathan/Peter - 2
Isaac/Claire - 1
Miscellaneous Heroes - 3
Total = 97
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