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Home, Safe and Sound

Hi All! I made to to Florida and back in one piece. I had a wonderful time escaping the cold, and with my family.

I got in around dinner time on Thursday. My grandpa (I call him Gipa) and his wife, Ruth, were waiting for me. My mom and brother (Danny) arrived roughly 20 mintues later. We went out for Italian food on the way to their house.

On Friday, we went to The Everglades, specifically we walked along the Anhinga Trail in the Royal Palm Area. We took a picnic lunch and ate in one of the picnic areas first. Gipa and Ruth didn't want to walk along the trail, so they took a nap in the car while my mom, Danny and I walked the trail. It was short. We saw dozens of alligators. If I can remember to get my pictures developed I'll post the photos when I get them back. Its landscape was very different from the last time I was there, which was just after Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

On Saturday, Ruth, Mom, Danny and I went to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. We didn't even get to the musuem part, just walked through the gardens. That still took us well over an hour. That evening we went to see the movie "Ray". If you haven't seen it GO! I learned a lot about Ray Charles' life that I never knew. The acting was amazing. I think I cried at least three times.

On Sunday, we did the big family thing. A lot of my mom's relatives have migrated to Florida. It's the New York Jewish thing to do, after all. I met a couple of my grandpa's cousins I'd never met before. A few of my mom's aunts/uncles and some of her cousins were there too. We had brunch at their club, then everyone came back to their house for dessert. In the afternoon, I went for a walk with my mom and brother.

Oh, and one evening, I was able to write the next chapter of All You Need is Blood. I sent it to the betas as soon as I got home.

Today I tried to get onto a plane that was non-stop so that I wouldn't have to change in Atlanta, and also get in 2 hours earlier. After being on hold forever, we found out that flight was full. Changing planes worked out fine. The only thing that bothered me was that I'd wanted to read the last two chapters of Odalisque that I'd saved on my laptop before I left, but my book was so engrossing that I couldn't stop when they let us use laptops on the second flight. Sorry elenorlaura, I guess it'll be a little while longer before I'm able to get caught up. On the trip down, I started reading The Dragon Queen by Alice Borchardt. It's a story of Guinevere like I've never read before. Here is a link to it at Amazom.com if you want to check it out.

When I got home I discovered that Whispers on a Breeze and Teacher's Pet Series have been nominated at the new Angel Without Wings Awards run by the busy claudia6913. Thanks again velvetwhip!

Now I just need to get caught up reading all the stories that are in my email and LJ. Plus, I need to get caught up with the postings at _end_of_days so that I can do a scene later this week, provided we can all find a time to meet.
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