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Fic: Redefinition 3/3 (Claire/Nathan/Peter) NC-17

Title: Redefinition
Author: Elisabeth
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Claire/Nathan/Peter (canon)
Summary: Sequel to Never Let You Go (Nathan/Peter). Nathan takes Peter to see Claire.
Warnings: Incest - brotherly, uncle/niece and some father/daughter, as well as sex with a minor. A little Claire/West.
Spoilers: through 2x03 "Kindred"
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over these characters. I am merely borrowing them from Tim Kring et al.
Feedback: Yes please! It makes me happy and keeps me writing.
Thanks to apckrfan and prylliepwns for the beta.

Previous Chapter

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Part Three

Several minutes passed in silence, hands moving in idle patterns against the other's skin.

"I wish that I didn't have to go home," Claire said, sighing.

"When do you have to be back?" Peter asked, not ready to let Claire go, either.

Claire sat up enough to look at the bedside clock. "Um, half an hour ago."

"Are your parents going to be worried?" Peter asked, sitting up.

"I better call them." Claire got up and retrieved her phone from her bag. Thank goodness for cell phones, she thought. Choosing the lesser of two evils, Claire called her mom.

"Hi Mom," Claire said into the phone.

"Claire, supper's just about ready. Where are you?"

"The thing is, my first game is tomorrow night, and Jenny said that she'd help me out with the cheers to really get them down. Is it okay if I spend the night here?" Claire hurriedly asked, glancing at Peter to see if that was okay.

Peter's eyes widened as Claire asked to spend the night out. He'd have to talk to Nathan about that, and soon. He didn't say anything though, just nodded his head and pulled on his boxers.

"It is a school night," Sandra hedged.

"I promise that I'll be at school bright and early. And I'll come home straight after. But I really don't want to screw up at my first big game."

"Well, I'll have to talk to your father, but I suppose that it's fine. I'll call you if your father objects."

"Thanks, Mom!" Claire squealed, bouncing.

"Have a good time," Sandra said before ending the call.

Claire jumped back on the bed, settling next to Peter. "I hope it's okay that I just invited myself to spend the night. I can still go home later, if you want."

"I'd love for you to spend the night," Peter said. "I'm not so sure Nathan will like that idea though."

Claire's face fell. She'd momentarily forgotten about Nathan. "Does he have to know? I mean, it's not like I'll be in his way if I stay with you."

"Claire, Nathan and I are sharing this room," Peter admitted.

She looked around and still saw only the one bed. Granted, it was a very big bed, but…

"Is one of you sleeping on the couch? It's comfy, but neither one of you is small enough to sleep on it."

"No, Claire, we're sharing the bed," Peter said, meeting her eyes. She blushed as she realized what he was saying.

"You mean, you and Nathan…?"

"Yes," Peter said.

"But I thought you liked women. I mean, what you and I just did…I thought you enjoyed it," Claire said, very confused.

"I did. I do. Nathan said we weren't like this before, that we'd never done anything in bed before the explosion. But when he found me…it was like when I saw you. I was just drawn to him in a way that I couldn't explain and it felt right."

"So you're not gay?" Claire shyly asked.

"No. As far as I know, which isn't saying a lot, I've never been attracted to another man before. There's just something about Nathan, though," Peter said.

"He is kind of sexy," Claire agreed, giggling.

"So, you're okay with that?" Peter asked.

Claire shrugged. "I'm a little weirded out, but no more than by the fact that I was just fooling around with my uncle and kissed my bio-dad."

"I'm glad," Peter said. Glancing at the clock, he said, "I should call down to the bar and have them send Nathan back up. He should know what's going on."

Claire nodded her agreement and started looking for her shirt, pulling it on bra-less. Peter pulled on his jeans before he returned to sit beside her on the bed. She and Peter were sitting against the headboard watching TV, his arm around her shoulders, when Nathan returned to the room.

"Claire, you're still here," Nathan observed.

"Well, you did give me a ride here," she pointed out.

"She's also going to spend the night," Peter quickly added. Nathan momentarily looked alarmed, so Peter added, "She knows we just have the one room."

"You told her?" Nathan hissed.

"I didn't have much choice after she called home and said she was spending the night with a girlfriend," Peter said.

"More lies?" Nathan asked.

"Would you have preferred that I say that I wanted to have a naked sleepover with my bio-dad and uncle?" Claire retorted.

"That would be a no," Nathan said, sitting on the edge of the bed. He took in Peter's shirtless state, and the fact that Claire wasn't wearing a bra, and with a raised eyebrow asked, "Did you two have fun?"

Their mutual blushes were answer enough.

"Did you…?"

"No," Peter rushed to say. "There was touching, but pants stayed on."

"Well, mine did," Claire amended.

Nathan looked between the two, but decided he didn't want to know. His imagination had been running wild picturing what was happening up here. Sometimes being noble really sucked. Especially since he wasn't the one sucked off.

Kicking off his shoes, Nathan sat next to Peter on the bed. "So, what are you watching?"

"Don't know. We just started flipping through channels right before you came in," Claire said, taking control of the remote loosely being held by Peter.

"Your parents are really okay with you being out on a school night?" Nathan asked.

"I told my mom that I needed to work on my cheers for tomorrow night's game. She said she'd call my cell if my dad objected. He knows that it's cheerleading or dating, so I don't think he'll make a fuss," Claire said. "Unless you don't want me here."

"That's not it," Nathan quickly said. "I'd love for you to stay. I just don't want you to get into trouble for staying out all night."

Claire groaned. "Stop worrying, Dad."

"New rule, if we're on a bed, you can't call me that," Nathan said, frowning.

Claire got a wicked gleam in her eye and moved to kneel between the two men. "Aw, what's the matter? Feel like a dirty old man when a young girl calls you daddy?"

"I don't make a habit of sleeping with teenage girls," Nathan said, grinding his teeth. He knew admitting his attraction to her was a bad idea. "And I am not old."

"Well, you're old enough to be my father," Claire teased.

"Alright, that's enough," Peter said, pulling Claire back across his lap.

"Come on, Peter, I'm just having some fun," Claire said, leaning into his chest.

"I don't think Nathan was enjoying your little verbal sparring," Peter pointed out.

Claire stuck her tongue out at him, so Peter did the only thing he could think of to shut her up; he sucked her tongue into his mouth. Claire eagerly kissed him back.

When Peter's hand moved to cup Claire's breast outside her shirt, Nathan muttered, "Jeez, it's like being with a couple of teenagers." This earned him a kick from Claire.

"Sorry," Peter said, pulling away from Claire's delectable mouth.

"Didn't you get it out of your system while I was downstairs?" Nathan asked.

"Apparently not," Claire said. "Why do you think I wanted to stay over?"

"If you two think that you can control yourselves long enough for a meal, I'm going to order room service," Nathan said, getting up to retrieve the menu.

"I love room service," Claire said, bouncing in Peter's lap.

They perused the menu and Nathan placed their order.

"We have about half an hour until the food arrives. Do I even want to ask how you want to spend the time?" Nathan snidely asked.

"Quit being so grouchy," Claire complained.

"I am not being grouchy," Nathan insisted, even though he knew that he was.

"I think he's just feeling a little left out," Peter guessed.

Nathan shifted uncomfortably. "Maybe, just a little."

Since Peter was still between Nathan and Claire on the bed, he turned and brushed a kiss against Nathan's cheek. Nathan made a sound that he'd deny was a whimper before pulling Peter into a proper kiss.

This was what Nathan had been missing all day. He and Peter had spent the past week in some kind of honeymoon haze, kissing and touching any time that they felt the urge. As wonderful as it was to see Claire again, and to reunite her with Peter, it also meant that Nathan had had to hold back his impulses to touch and kiss Peter.

Peter gave himself completely to the kiss with Nathan. What he'd said to Claire earlier was true. Regardless of their blood relation, this felt right. Nathan's mouth and Nathan's hands and Nathan's body were home to Peter. It didn't matter if he never got his memories back because he was very happy with where he was right now. He had no idea if his former self would be repulsed by what he was doing with Nathan, or Claire, and he didn't want to lose either one of them.

Claire moved to sit at the foot of the bed so that she could better watch the men kissing. She'd never seen two men make out like this before, as much as she'd teased Zach about getting a boyfriend, she'd never seen him kiss a guy. There was something very hot about watching two men, or at least these two men, kiss each other as if their lives depended on the contact.

Part of her wanted to find a way to join in without interrupting, but she also didn't want to distract them when they both obviously needed to be doing this. Instead, she watched how they reacted to each other. She was especially curious to watch them harden as the kiss went on.

Peter and Nathan reluctantly drew apart when Room Service knocked on the door. They were both hard and breathing heavily.

"I'll get it," Claire said, hopping off the bed. "Neither one of you is in a fit state to be opening the door right now." They both faintly blushed, realizing that Claire knew just how turned on they'd gotten from kissing each other.

Nathan willed his body to calm down and he stood to sign the bill, charging the food to the room. Claire arranged the food on the coffee table in front of the couch before pulling her plate onto her lap.

"Well now, come and get it while it's hot," Claire said, picking her burger up and taking a healthy bite.

Nathan and Peter tried to ignore how those words could have a very different connotation and joined her on the couch at their designated spots. They made small talk as they ate, eventually getting lost in their own thoughts as they finished their meal.

Having been the first to start, Claire finished eating before her companions. She stood and stretched, unaware of her shirt riding up to expose a bit of flesh – which drew Peter and Nathan's eye. She moved back to the bed and stretched out across it, lying on her side facing the brothers as they finished eating. She picked up the remote control and started flipping through channels again.

Her phone chimed, indicating that she had a text message, and Claire rolled over to retrieve her phone from where she'd left it on the bedside table. She sighed and announced that it was from West.

"What does he want?" Peter asked around a mouthful of pasta.

"To know if I can get away tonight," Claire said, rolling her eyes. Her thumbs flew across the touchpad as she sent back a quick reply that she was homebound that night and put the phone aside.

"What did you tell him?" Nathan politely asked.

"That I'm busy fucking my uncle and can't service him too," Claire snarked, causing Nathan to choke on his food. Peter rubbed his back.

"You what?" Nathan managed to ask.

"Relax," Claire said. "I told him my dad wasn't gonna let me out tonight."

"Should I be worried by how easily you lie to the people you supposedly care about?" Nathan asked.

"No," Claire said.

Nathan sank back on the couch, groaning. "I don't think I can eat any more."

"I don't know," Peter said, a twinkle in his eye. "I think that I could go for some dessert." He winked at Nathan before moving to straddle Claire on the bed.

"Peter, we didn't order dessert," Claire pointed out, resting her hands on his thighs.

"I didn't mean that kind of dessert," he said, pulling her top over her head.

Claire moved to cover herself, aware of Nathan's eyes on them, but Peter captured her wrists and pinned them above her head.

"Peter, what are you—?" She was cut off by Peter's lips covering hers, his tongue delving into her mouth.

Peter's hands slowly traveled down her arms and sides before covering her breasts. He teased her nipples back into the hardened peaks he'd enjoyed feasting on earlier. Claire's hands found their way into his hair, whimpering when he moved his kisses down her neck. He watched in fascination as he licked and sucked her skin until it bruised, then healed before his eyes.

He ran his thumb over where the mark should have been. "Fascinating."

"I heal, remember?" Claire said, her fingers teasing the hair at the back of his neck.

"It seems a shame that you should have to heal from this too," Peter said.

"Yeah, but it comes in handy after I've been out with West," Claire countered.

Peter frowned. "No more mentioning of idiot boyfriends when we're half naked together."

"I'll do my best," Claire agreed, running her hands down Peter's bare chest, feeling him shudder when her thumbs grazed his nipples.

"Can I have my dessert now?" Peter asked, mischief in his eyes.

"I don't see why not," Claire said, sounding unsure of why he was asking when he'd just been kissing her.

"Move up the bed," Peter said.

"No," Nathan objected, startling the pair on the bed. They turned to look at him. "Slide to the edge of the bed if you need to, but don't change your current position."

"Enjoying the show?" Peter asked, knowingly.

"Very much so," Nathan admitted. "And I'd prefer to keep watching it from this angle."

"You heard the man," Peter said to Claire. "Slide back as far as you can go."

Claire did as asked, still feeling like she was missing something. Until Peter began to remove her jeans.

Sitting up so that she rested on her elbows, she whispered, "What do you think you're doing?"

"Dessert," Peter informed her. "You'll enjoy this, I promise."

"Dessert involves me taking my pants off?" Claire asked.

"Well, it's good to know that West didn't get this far with you," Peter said.

"What's that supposed to mean? And I thought we weren't talking about him anymore."

"Claire, if you think real hard, I'm sure that you can figure out what I'm going to do here," Peter said, trying not to sound patronizing.

Claire thought for a minute and when she blushed bright red, Peter knew that she'd figured it out. "Go ahead," she squeaked, lying back down and covering her face.

"It's really nothing to be embarrassed about," Peter told her, working her jeans and panties down her legs and tossing them on the floor. He took a moment to simply enjoy seeing her completely bare before his eyes.

Peter gently parted Claire's legs, moving to kneel between them. Her legs trembled slightly, and Peter ran soothing hands over them. He slowly worked his hands closer to her center and parted her folds with his thumbs. He could see that she was still wet from her earlier orgasm.

Out of the corner of his eye, Peter saw Nathan stand and cross to the bed. Nathan lay down beside Claire, not touching her, but unable to stay away from them any longer.

Peter scooted back so that he had room to lower his head and taste Claire. She gasped at the feel of his tongue dipping between her folds and inside her. Her arms finally dropped away from her face and she nearly hit Nathan as they fell to her sides. She looked over at him, having felt when he joined them on the bed. She was shocked by the naked lust she saw on his face.

Her eyes closed and her back arched as Peter began to explore her in earnest. He focused his attention on her clit, sliding one finger inside her.

"Oh, God," she groaned.

Claire writhed on the bed and Peter moved his free hand to hold her hips still.

Turning her head, Claire whimpered, "Nathan," reaching out for him.

Nathan swallowed hard and shifted closer to Claire until he was able to reach her parted lips. He kissed her, capturing her nearly constant moans with his mouth. He ran his hands through her silky hair and thrilled that she was inviting him to share her pleasure. One of his hands slid down to cup Claire's breast and he groaned at how perfect her body was.

While Claire was distracted by Nathan, Peter took the opportunity to add a second finger to the first, enjoying the slick slide as he stretched her. He stroked her skillfully, searching for that elusive spot that he knew would drive Claire delirious with pleasure. He knew that he'd found it when Claire bolted upright, her hands suddenly digging into his scalp.

"Oh my God, what was that?" she keened, lying back.

"Did you like it?" Peter asked, knowing the answer.

"Do that again," Claire insisted, grinning as she met his eyes.

"As you wish," Peter murmured, redoubling his hand's motion and as well as his attentions to her clit.

Nathan, in turn, moved down to taste Claire's breasts. His lips and teeth worried Claire's nipples in a virtually identical pattern as Peter used on her clit.

It suddenly became too much for Claire. Peter's mouth and hands in her most intimate places, and the slight scratch of Nathan's stubble as he lavished attention on her breasts was more than one girl could take for long. With a hand on each of their heads, Claire keened loudly, too lost in sensation to form words as she fell over the edge.

Peter continued to lick her, soothing her down from her orgasm. When she appeared to have caught her breath, he sat up and was immediately pulled into a hungry kiss by Nathan.

Claire shifted restlessly on the bed. Her skin was too sensitive to just lie there. She felt like every single tiny hair on her body was alive and crying out for contact.

"More," she whimpered.

"More what?" Peter asked, licking his lips as he pulled away from Nathan.

"I don't know. I just need more. I feel like I'm going to crawl out of my skin," Claire said.

"Could you actually do that?" Nathan wondered aloud.

"I wasn't being literal," Claire said, rolling her eyes.

"What do you want, Claire?" Peter asked, leaning down to meet Claire's eyes.

She stared into his familiar brown eyes and she knew what she wanted. Somehow she managed not to blush as she said, "I want you, inside me."

Peter swallowed and Claire's eyes were drawn to his bobbing adam's apple. She leaned up and licked it, causing it to bob some more, and her to giggle.

"Are you sure?" Peter choked out.

"I want you to be my first," Claire admitted. "I think I've wanted that since the moment I first saw you."

"I'd be honored to make love to you," Peter said seriously, brushing her golden hair away from her face.

Peter pulled back so that he could remove his remaining clothing.

"Hey, Nathan, can you grab..." he gestured to the bedside table with his chin.

Nathan simply reached over and pulled out the box of condoms they'd stored in the drawer and handed one of the foil packets to his brother.

"I-I want to see you naked, too," Claire shyly told Nathan.

"Claire..." Nathan hesitated.

"Uh uh," Claire shook her head. "If you get to see us naked, it's only fair."

Perhaps it was because he was getting an eyeful of naked Claire and Peter, but Nathan couldn't find any reason to argue with that logic, and began to disrobe.

After donning the condom, Peter lay next to Claire, then pulled her on top of him.

"What are you--?" she started to ask.

"You'll like it better this way, trust me," Peter said, helping her to move into position.

"I do," she said, staring into his eyes.

Peter guided her hand to his cock and helped her to ease herself down over him. She went slowly, adjusting to the difference in size between Peter's cock and his fingers.

When Peter brushed against her maidenhead, he nodded to Nathan, who leaned over and kissed Claire. Grasping Claire's hips, Peter thrust up, breaking through her barrier. Claire's cry of surprise and pain was caught by Nathan's mouth and both men ran their hands over her body to soothe her.

Claire pulled out of the kiss and rested both hands on Peter's chest. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I'm okay," she said, smiling down at Peter.

With his hands back on her hips, Peter helped Claire to set a smooth rhythm. It wasn't long before she caught on and began to move with more speed and force, matching Peter's upward thrusts.

Nathan retreated to the head of the bed to watch Peter and Claire make love. As much as he was enjoying touching both of them at once, he knew that they deserved to experience this alone. The sight – and smell and sound – of them together didn't leave him unaffected, though. He began to stroke his cock to the same pace that Claire and Peter were using.

"I. Think. I'm getting. The hang. Of this," Claire panted out with each down stroke. Her hands began to explore Peter's body again, enjoying the dips and bumps of his muscles beneath her hands.

"You're incredible," Peter said, his eyes watching how Claire's breasts bounced with every motion.

He sat up to take one of her bouncing breasts in his mouth, his tongue and teeth driving her closer to the edge, his hand teasing her other breast. Claire's head dropped back, her straight blonde hair brushing against her ass and Peter's balls, causing him to buck up even harder.

Slowly, Peter trailed his hand from Claire's breast down until his thumb brushed against her swollen clit. Claire's breath hitched with pleasure and she keened loudly. Claire pulled Peter's mouth up to hers so that she could kiss him with all of the passion that she was feeling.

Without warning Claire's body tensed, her muscles clamping around Peter's thrusting cock. She dug her nails into Peter's back, not caring if she broke the skin or not – he'd heal instantly anyway. "Peter, oh God, Peter," she whimpered against his mouth.

"God, Claire," Peter grunted, the pressure around his cock was nearly unbearable.

As Claire's body began to relax, he laid her down on her back and after few hard thrusts whispered Claire's name as he jerked with his own release, collapsing on top of her.

The sound of skin on skin caused Peter to turn his head towards Nathan, who was furiously pulling at his cock. Peter had nearly forgotten about him, he'd been so caught up in Claire's pleasure, and his own.

Pulling out of Claire's sated body, Peter pulled off the condom and unconsciously sent it to the trash bin telekinetically. He slid the short distance up the bed and on one of Nathan's down strokes he followed Nathan's hand with his mouth. Nathan's eyes, which had been closed since Peter and Claire finished, popped open and he yelped. He was so close already that with the sudden additional stimulation of Peter's warm, wet mouth, he came, hard.

As soon as he recovered his breath, Nathan gasped, "I'm sorry, Pete."

"It's fine," Peter said, licking his lips. "Didn't realize you were that close."

"You put on quite the show there, little brother," Nathan said, looking thoroughly relaxed as he reclined against the headboard.

Peter made himself comfortable next to Nathan, and patted the space on his other side for Claire to join them. She stretched lazily, drawing both men's eyes to her sweat-glistened body, before crawling over to Peter and resting her head on his shoulder.

"That was amazing," Claire said, her hands stroking Peter wherever she could reach.

"You're amazing," Peter countered.

"I never knew that I could feel like this," Claire said.

"It'll only get better," Nathan informed her.

"Mmm… I like the sound of that," Claire said, sleepily. Peter chuckled.

"I think you wore her out," Nathan observed as Claire fought to keep her eyes open.

"You try losing your virginity with two guys and see how awake you feel," Claire said.

"Technically, it was just one guy," Nathan pointed out. "I wasn't really participating."

"You were there though," Claire argued. "That counts. I'm glad you were here. Felt right."

"Yeah, it did," Peter agreed, brushing a hand along Nathan's leg. He pressed a kiss to Nathan's lips before turning and kissing Claire.

"You wanna get some sleep?" Peter asked her.

"That sounds good," Claire said, eyes closing.

Peter slid down the bed, pulling Claire with him. He could feel Nathan spoon in behind him.

"What time do you need to be at school?" Nathan asked, reaching for the alarm clock.

"Seven," Claire mumbled.

"I'm going to set the alarm for six. Will that be enough time for you?" he asked.

"Yeah," Claire agreed. "Good night, Nathan. Good night, Peter. I'm glad you're alive."

Peter laughed. He was surrounded by people who cared about him and wanted him to be whole and happy. What could be better than this?

"I am too."

The End
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  • Happy Halloween

    I hope that everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween! I had a Trick and Treat kind of day. I had to work until 7:20pm because of a stupid late…

  • Crapity crap crap

    Why did I only give myself 5 days before announcing winners at the SunnyD Awards? When I went to check the dates at the site to see how I was doing…

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    If you don't hear from me much for the rest of the week, it's because I'm gonna be on the busy side. We have a job fair at work on Thursday, again,…