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Heroes 2x06: The Line

So New York is going to be destroyed again? Why NY? Couldn't they pick LA, which is where they film?

Is it wrong that I enjoyed Claire and West playing the prank on Debbie? The girl is a bitch. Yes, it was a frivolous use of Claire's ability, but it was kinda fun too.

I got all excited when Mohinder wouldn't give Monica the drug and trashed the lab. Too bad he didn't stick to his guns and really leave.

Yay for Hiro getting some action, but too bad it just ruined things between him and Kensei.

Is that why the world gets destroyed? Or is that because of the Shanti virus? or Maya and Syler?

Gotta admit, it was kinda fun watching her getting empowered, even if it was to kill those guys. Love Sylar having a protege since he's powerless.

Can't wait to see who Adam is. The Company obviously fears him, and he's working with Peter. Wonder what his power is.

I need to get a better look at the other paintings that HRG found. Oh, and BTW, loved him being all badass in this episode. He does that cold, calculating thing so well. I mean, he took the guy's memories one by one and then killed him. Kinda cool that the Haitian can pick single memories out though.

And what is up with Stepford-Niki? Granted, I was distracted during that scene, but she was kind of creepy.

Can't wait for next week's episode. I want to see what this season's post-apocalyptic episode is like.
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