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Heroes 2x05: Fight or Flight

Just a few quick things in random order. (I'll probably leave things out because I updated SunnyD for an hour after the show instead of doing this.)

- Love, love, love Nathan. He had some great lines tonight. I'm really liking him working with Matt. "I'm not a cargo plane." Hee! And when he emptied the shotgun? Hot. The radiation burn face is not so hot though.

- I like Peter with Caitlin. Yes, I want him to go home, but it's fun seeing him being the sexy lover with her.

- I liked that the box had that photo of him and Nathan in it, but the Peter/Nathan shipper in me wanted him to recognize Nathan right away.

- Loved seeing Isaac's power (and a 9th Wonders comic) in this ep. Just this weekend I'd been wanting to write an Isaac/Claire/Peter story based on this icon. So it was good seeing at least his power represented.

- How much fun was it seeing Micah playing the piano, knowing the actor is a piano prodigy? Although, I don't recall that Micah knew how to play. Hmm...

- No, Mohinder, don't hand Molly over to the Company. We just got her away from them last season!

- Niki, stop drinking the Kool-Aid. The Company is not the only place where people will understand you. Especially not if you're trying to integrate a multiple personality, not get rid of your super strength.

- I loved the nightmare fight sequences and how they flipped back and forth between Matt and Nathan. Made it easy to call that they were fighting each other though.

- And Matt's dad is creepy. He played the confused, bumbling idiot very well.

- Kristen Bell was awesome as the bad-ass Elle. Too bad she had to kill Ricky though. My guess is that Bob is her father. Or Matt's dad.

- I'm curious to see what's in Montreal.

- Loved Micah explaining about powers to Monica and figuring out what hers was. It's nice that he has someone to bond with in NOLA.

- And just because it's worth saying again, I have so much lust for Nathan right now. I'm not giving up on Peter, but I'm much more drawn to Nathan these days.
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