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Pet Peeve

During my lunch break today, I was reading some stories that have been piling up in my email and felt the need to rant.

I read 2 chapters for one story by someone who I think is a new author. At least, I don't think I've read anything by them before. Aside from the spelling and word usage errors that always bug me with un-beta'd stories (at least I hope it was un-beta'd), this person did something that will guarantee me to not give feedback...

They asked for advice. This is a personal pet peeve, and I don't mean to upset anyone by saying this, but don't ask your readers for advice on where your story should go. That's what a beta reader is for. If you have something to say about where you're going, then say it in the Author's Notes in the header. Don't tell me what other pairings you're thinking of getting together. If you're going to do it, then just DO IT! Don't ask my opinion about it. It's your story! You're not going to please everyone. Write what you want to write.

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