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F***ing Idiots

I figured I'd try to be productive today, get some errands done before it snows here. Well, apparently I every other single person in Watertown had the same thought today.

I finally got my butt over to Best Buy to exchange the copy of The Last Samuri that I got for Hanukkah because I already had it. I had some gift certificates for there too so I went on a movie shopping spree. I picked up Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (extended version), Garden State, and The Fifth Element. I've been waiting years for The Fifth Element to be released with extras and they finally came out with "The Ultimate Edition" which has over 2 hours of extras. Woo Hoo!

Then I headed to the grocery store. This is where my subject line comes in. The parking lot was so full at my regular supermarket that people were parking in the driving lanes. I said "Screw it," and went to a store at the other side of town. Same thing. I was turning onto the street to get to the parking lot when I see half a dozen cars queued up to get in. "Screw it," was said again and I came home. It's not like I have no food in the apartment. Most of what I was getting was restocking stuff anyway, not things I use every day.

Watch, we'll probably end up getting only a couple of inches instead of the foot of snow they're predicting. I certainly hope so.

At least I picked up the one thing I really needed at the convenience store during the week: vanilla. Now I can finish making the cookies I started last weekend. (I didn't realize until I went to get the vanilla that my former used all of mine up without telling me, or just took it with them.) As soon as the butter/sugar mixture softens up I'll be able to finish my chocolate chip cookies.


P.S. Look at the new icon I finished this morning *points to icon on this post*

P.P.S. Go vote at joss_stills! One of them is mine, but I can't say which one.
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