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Attack of the Crossover Plot Bunny!

I was chatting with cold_queen_5 (who is writing a great Pretender story which you should all read: Cat and Mouse - just the Prologue is up so far) and was attacked by a crossover plot bunny.

Bunny: The Pretender/Profit - The Parkers and Jim Profit working together.

Can't you just see it? They're all willing to do whatever it takes to get the results they want. I could especially see Profit and Mr. Lyle getting along. Profit and Miss Parker could have some fun together, too.

Can't you just see Jarod infiltrating Gracen & Gracen – either brought in by Profit or there to bring him down? Maybe Profit brought Jarod in because he's secretly in cahoots with Miss Parker and it's a set-up to trap Jarod. Or, if Jarod is there to bring down Profit, then Profit could figure out who Jarod really is and contact Miss Parker.

They're all just so devious and manipulative!

Anyone want to write it? This bunny is free to a good home.
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