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Heroes Season Premier

Oh, where to begin with the squeeing?

Molly is living with Mohinder and Matt! She gets to live with both her heroes. And Matt finally made detective, even if he did cheat a bit to do it. Molly's nightmares and drawings are way creepy.

I shouldn't love how far Nathan has fallen, so much. Don't think that I care for the beard. I feel bad that Heidi took the kids and left. I do love that he believes that Peter will be back and how fiercely he is protecting Peter's apartment and belongings. And for sending his mom away.

I liked that Kato and Angela received joining pieces of the photograph. So there were 12 people in that group...the Company. Three are dead. Can't wait to meet the rest. Although I guess we met one, the guy who approached Mohinder and could turn things to gold.

Nathan on the phone with Claire...? ::drool:: {Not for him not being there for Claire. I like that she's trying to keep in touch with him though, because of their mutual connection to Peter.} Oh my god, that voice! I have shivers. Seriously, I need to go find some Nathan smut, like right now.

Loved Hiro's reaction to Kensei being an English thief. Sometimes meeting your heroes is not all it's cracked up to be.

I'm kind of liking West. He seems like a cool character. If a little creepy for spying on Claire.

How did Peter get locked in a shipping crate with no shirt (Thank You!) and no memory. But he is wearing the Godsend necklace, like the Haitian's. Did the Haitian do that?

I'm sure there's more, but can't think of them right now. Must watch again. This year I'm being smart and recording the episodes as I watch.
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