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Quick Reference - mainly for me, but I'm leaving public in case you're curious as to which communities I belong to (it's in my profile anyway, but this post includes community descriptions). If you know of any that you think I'd like that I'm not currently watching, I'm open to suggestions. (Although I do belong to a lot of communities.)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series

buffywriters - Buffy Writers is where fanfiction writers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series can meet and also discuss and share their fanfic.
darker_spike - A community to explore the darker side of Spike (from Buffy and Angel)
draclinks - This community contains links to those fics that I (draconin) have read and felt were worth remembering for re-reading or for recommending to others.
emerald_design - Graphics and Fanfiction by Emmy
fandeyth - fiction by claudia6913
femailnkat_tale - Angels and Demons, the Series – written by kallie_kat and cafedemonde
lindsey_fic - Lindsey McDonald Fiction
meaningofheroes - This is a community for Jess and Lara's Wesley/Fred/Giles threesome fic "The Meaning of Heroes".
mmmmm_angel - The place to post slash, het, gen, dark and light fiction and art dedicated to our favorite boy/vampire, Angel. Here you will find all material featuring Angel/Liam/Angelus in the form of fiction, poetry, recs, meta, videos and fanart. This community is set up so that members can post their fiction, or links to it, their poetry, their icons, and other fan art.
myperfectrhyme - Archive for Betsy & Lori's Spangel fiction.
nha_fic - A Fanfic Community for Near Her Always, the Willow Character Zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild. All Willow-centric fic is welcome, any pairing, any rating.
rekindlespangel - A community dedicated to resparking the Spike and Angel love.
the_elevator - This is a Lindsey McDonald centric community for all fiction and artwork dedicated to everyone's favourite evil lawyer/cowboy!
trdmarkstoicism - A fan community for Oz from BtVS. (mod)
tweedandtea - This is a community for all Giles fans. Post or pimp fics, ficathons, fanart, communities, discussions, vids, etc.
twsthellmouth - Twisting the Hellmouth Lite
wg_hairyeyeball - This community was created as a companion for the Willow/Giles archive, Hairy Eyeball. (mod)
willangelus - Willow & Angel(us) Fanfiction & Icons
willow_giles - This is a community for anyone who enjoys the idea of a relationship between Willow and Giles.
willowoz - This will be a community for Willow and Oz, lovers of either character and people who remember the relationship that was and how great it was while we had it.
writtenbyfates - fiction by femailofthespecies & claudia6913

Icon Contests
btvs_hush - btvs_hush textless icon community (mod)
joss_stills - You've seen them, the other 'stills' communities. Well, kinda the same idea here, only this is all Joss. No single show, no single character, all of them.
otherworldlyric - This is a weekly icon contest community that provides you with a lyrical prompt and you choose the images to best fit the lyrics. (mod)
spikestillness - Spike Stillness Icontest Community

ash_daily - A community for posting photos of Anthony Steward Head.
btvs_atsiconage - This is a community for people to post their Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or Angel the Series icons.
buffy_icons - Here is a place to post and snatch icons from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
c_kanedaily - How's about pictures of a certain pretty lawyer/cowboy to brighten up your day? Christian Kane photos.
feens_pics - Feen's Pics of Some Famous People, etc.

daysofawesome - Jewish Characters Multifandom Ficathon
fall_for_spike - Spike-centric daily community run during the autumn.
fire_fic / fire_fiction - Multifandom Charity Fic and Art for Renee Green
joss10k - The Challenge: Write a new fic in the Jossverse of at least 10,000 words in 10 weeks.
slayerversathon - Throughout January anyone can post contributions to the community in any form they like - fic, artwork, vidding, meta essays, anything you can think of is more than welcome!
spring_spangel - This will be a celebration throughout Spring of all things Spike/Angel.
summer_of_giles - A two month extravaganza of Giles-y goodness. From June through July this site will be devoted to Rupert Giles, our favorite Watcher, librarian, sometime magician, smart, occasionally sarcastic, warm-eyed, sexy and protective man from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
the_fund - This is a Buffy/Angel Fandom Community aimed at relief efforts for some of our fellow fandom friends that have fallen victim to Hurricane Katrina.
whedon_kinkmeme - A community for Whedonverse fandom kink memes.
whichwillow - This is a ficathon to share the love of Willow Rosenberg throughout the seasons. (mod)
winter_of_angel - This will be a celebration throughout the Winter of all things Angel, in all his incarnations -- Angel, Angelus, and Liam. Why? Because he's hot and cool, whether he's human or a vampire, whether he's good or evil.
winter_spillow - This will be a celebration throughout Winter of all things Spike/Willow.


apckrfansfic - APCKRFAN's Fan Fiction
cheer_and_fly - Anything Nathan/Claire related is welcome, so post away!
cold_fiction - cold_queen_5's fiction community
heroes_xover - Heroes fan fiction crossed over with other fandoms.
isaac_claire - This is the community for all things Claire/Isaac!

backstage_art - This is the graphic journal of Rose, a.k.a notsostrange.
heroes_icons - Icons for the NBC show Heroes


numb3rs_gen_het - Gen and Het fan fiction for the television show Numb3rs
numb3rs_xovers - The Hardest Numb3rs Het and/or Slash Fiction Challenge EVER!

numb3rs_icons - This is a Numb3rs icon community.

Brothers & Sisters

theotherwalker - This is a community dedicated to the relationship between Rebecca Harper and Justin Walker on the ABC show Brothers & Sisters as played by Emily VanCamp and Dave Annable.

bs_icons - This is for posting icons of the ABC show and cast of Brothers and Sisters.


alec_eliot - The Alec/Eliot fan comm!
geteven_getfic - All fanfiction for Leverage on TNT are welcomed here. Come, have fun, post stories.
parker_hardison - The Parker/Hardison Shipper Community.
provideleverage - a community for all things Leverage, the new TNT drama that already has all hooked.

Awards Comms


bigbad_awards - These are Spike centric awards for fanfics, ficlets, drabbles, manipulations, banners and icons.
btvs_award_info - BTVS Awards Central is a community that has been created so that people can stay apprised of nomination openings and closings and the current status of Buffy based awards sites.
c2c_buffyawards - Cover to Cover Buffy Awards (c2c) is an awards site for fan fiction written about and/or inspired by the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
indigo_crypt - The Indigo Crypt Awards are for artwork and fiction of all pairings within the BtVS and AtS fandoms.
fangfetish - Fang Fetish Awards and Archive livejournal.
forbiddenawards - is a judged site (BtVS) and we will screen nominations for basic skills in story telling, such as grammar and spelling.
rerunawards - An awards site for the truly obsessive. All nominated fic MUST be from a cancelled show.
rwsawards - "Running with Scisssors" is an award site for Buffy the vampire Slayer and Angel the series fan art and fanction.
sog_awards - New home of the Shades of Grey Awards.
sothawards - Serenity on the Hellmouth Awards recognizes excellence in the characterization of all characters in the Jossverse - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, Firefly and Serenity through both fanfiction and fanart.
wicked_awards - No Rest For The Wicked Awards.

paire_awards – Peter/Claire fanfiction awards

Fic Recs/Newsletters/Noticeboards/Search Comms

dollhouse_tv - Fans of Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse".
fic_search - This community is NOT for posting fic or fic challenges, it's for searching for a BtVS or Angel fic you want to find.
ficathonpimp - Pimp Your Ficathon Here!
giles_fic_recs - Giles-Centric Fic Recommendations
giles_watchers - This is a community for readers interested in Rupert Giles.
ipromo - A community to promote any icon-related journal or community.
leveragenews - Leverage Newsletter
numb3rs_notice - NUMB3RS Noticeboard
sanctuary_news - The daily newsletter for the TV series 'Sanctuary'.
su_herald - This journal is a newsletter for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fans to keep up with their fandom.
whedonverse_nb - The noticeboard for all things Buffy, Angel and Firefly.
writercon - This is a community for discussion the WriterCon fic writers' conference.

Multi-fandom/Not Fandom


fandom_hugs - Fandom ::hugs:: is a place where we will gather to appreciate the special people in fandom that may not always get the recognition they richly deserve.
plot_bunnys_4_u - This is a place to get rid of those evil plot bunnies that insist on jumping on your heels.
the_1st_time - This is a place where our OTP’s first-- meet/ kiss/make love---anything.

Icon Contest
otherworldlyric - This is a weekly icon contest community that provides you with a lyrical prompt and you choose the images to best fit the lyrics. (mod)
tv_movie_icons - TV and Movie Icons and Icon Contests Weekly!

_premadelayouts - graphics and premade layouts
burgundy_shoes - Burgundy Shoes, the combined graphics and resources community of tokenblkgirl, blackmamba_esq, and zxfactor.
icons100 - this community is for icon makers to claim a subject for a certain amount of time in order to meet the challenge of making 100 icons out of said subject.
mood_mania - This is a community where you can get new mood themes!
nameless_layout - We're a community devoted to providing and acquiring layouts for both websites and Journals.
premade_ljs - This is a collection of S1 and S2 layouts created by tasha.
seasonal_icons - Sharing icons that have a seasonal theme.
stockicon - A community for non-fandom icons.
theater_icons - This community was made for all Theater-lovers to come and post/collect icons based on their favorite musicals.
travel_icons - Icons from around the world! All travel icon makers welcome!

Graphics/Layout Resources

appleleaf - styles and overrides for paid and free accounts.
big_tutorials - This community is for graphic tutorials of the non-icon variety. That means header, friends only banners (or any banners of any kind), wallpapers, photomanips and the like are welcome here.
burgundy_shoes - Burgundy Shoes, the combined graphics and resources community of tokenblkgirl, blackmamba_esq, and zxfactor.
cap_it - Cap It! - Screencap Sharing
dj_capslock - Screencaps
ff_archivists - This is a community for creators and maintainers of fan fiction archives.
header_tutorial - Header Tutorials
hgx - Hybrid Genesis Community; Creative Digital Art Resource.
icon_textures - This community was created for textures used for making icons.
icon_tutorial - Graphic-making tips, tutorials, FAQ, Q&A, and resources.
idiots_and_lj - My aim is to have idiot guides on everything that you may need to know (about LJ).
pixelfun - One stop for all your graphic needs.
resourcelove - Share & Request Graphics, Brushes & Resources
s2flexisquares - offers CSS, coding and general help for Flexible Squares layouts.
webdesign - This community is for people who want to talk and trade ideas about web programming and design!

Miscellaneous Communities

being_erica - A LiveJournal community for the Canadian TV show, "Being Erica"!
boxofwrong - This is a community for all things Profit.
castleicons - Graphics for the ABC show Castle.
comicfilmstills - A still/icontest for movies based on comics and graphic novels.
gameofthrones_i - Icon and graphics sharing community for the HBO series Game of Thrones.
good_glee - A community for high quality Glee icons.
helenwill - A Sanctuary comm for the Helen/Will pairing.
lietomeicons - Icons for the television program: Lie To Me
lostgirl_tv - A community for Showcase's new show Lost Girl starring Anna Silk as Bo.
lots_icontest - Icon contest for Legend of the Seeker fans.
marvel_icons - This community was created for all Marvel Comics fans to post Livejournal icons and any other multimedia they want to share with other fans.
pretenderfic - This community is for fanfiction improv and challenges for the sadly departed show: The Pretender.
pretenderhq - We are here to provide you with a safe haven from the Centre and the PTBs (powers that be). All Pretenders a welcome to join!
sanctuary_fic - This is an archive for fanfic based on the web and TV series Sanctuary.
sd_recipe_exch - The Sunnydale Recipe Exchange was created to allow fandom writers and readers to exchange recipes.
torchwood_fic - The place to post your fanfiction about the BBC's spin off series 'Torchwood'.
toshianto - A Tosh&Ianto Shipping Community
tvd_fic - Vampire Diaries Fanfiction
tvd_rareships - A Vampire Diaries community dedicated to rare ships.
weedsicons - Icons from the hit show WEEDS.

Audio/Music Communities

audio_books - Audiophile - Audiobook repository
audiobooks - Discussing audiobooks that users have listened to or are interested in listening to.
glee_tunes - Music from the television show "Glee".
musicontv - This place is for fans who like to keep track of music played on all of their favorite television shows.
theaudiolibrary - An international community devoted to audiobooks.
vdiaries_music - This is a community dedicated to the music from The Vampire Diaries.

Communities I No Longer Watch But Don't Want To Forget

fanfic_fiesta - A unique fanfic challenge community
heroes_fic - A community for posting any fiction related to the new NBC show "Heroes".
ninth_wonders - This is a daily newsletter for Heroes.
numb3rs_fic - Fanficion for the TV Show Numb3rs
numb3rs_het - A community for het Numb3rs fanfiction of all ratings and pairings.

RSS Feeds

amberbensonblog - Amber Benson's Official Blog
dh_status - Information about DreamHost Services
drhorrible_net - A Fan Site for Joss Whedon's "Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog"
nathanftwitter - Twitter updates from Nathan Fillion / NathanFillion.
officialgaiman - Neil Gaiman's Journal
whedonesque - Blogging the Jossverse. BtVS, AtS, Firefly, Ripper, Fray.

Summaries taken from community profiles.
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