Elisabeth (dragonydreams) wrote,

Hire me at fire_fic

I heard about fire_fic from lostakasha and have offered up my writing and iconing services for this good cause.

From the Community Info page:
Renee Green is a hard-working single mom with six boys ranging in age from 16 to 1. On August 13, 2007 their home and all their possessions were destroyed in a fire -- leaving them with nothing but their precious lives and the clothes on their backs. Every single thing belonging to Renee and the boys was destroyed. School supplies. Clothing. Shoes. Appliances. Toys.


If there's a plot bunny I've mentioned, or your own that you'd like me to write, or if you would like personalized icons of your favorite character(s), this is your opportunity to hire me to write/make it. And the money will go to help a family desperately in need of aid.

Check out my offering and make requests here.
Tags: fire_fic, pimping

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