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LJ Anniversary, Awards, Noms

Today is my 3 Year Anniversary on LJ!

I'm sure that some of you remember how reluctant I was to get one and now look at me. I can hardly imagine my life without my LJ and the friends that I've made here.

Since I don't feel like spamming my flist, I am going to combine my bouncing here.

Walking a Thorny Path (Lindsey-centric archive) won Favorite Site at the Shades of Grey Awards! Thank you to everyone who voted for the site.

Congrats to the other winners on my flist. You can see a full list of winners here.

In other award site news, I have a bunch of fics nominated at the Fang Fetish Awards:
Tarnished Armor (Willow/Lindsey) - Best Other Pairing Gen, Most Original
Magic in Numbers (Willow/Charlie Eppes - BtVS/Numb3rs) - Unique Universes, Most Original, Best Long
Tumblin' Down (Willow/Giles) - Best Other Pairing Gen, Best Fluff/Lighthearted, Best Long
Whispers on a Breeze (Willow/Angelus) - Submission, Best Vampire Pairing, Best Angst/Dark
Intersecting Lives (Willow/Angel) - Best Fluff/Lighthearted, Best Short
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