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Website owners beware!

Someone emailed me at my SunnyD email account to let me know that The Slayer Network Offline Resources had made a copy of the SunnyD Awards and were hosting it at their site. I have never been contacted by the owners of that site to ask if they could do this.

shannon730, the Shades of Grey Awards are up there too. skeeter451, so is The Mystic Muse.

The Slayer Network Offline Resources
These Sites would make offline available by the Slayer Network Team,
with these project we would save the last pages in the Buffyversum,
The new Buffyversum now named Slayer Network.

If you now a site that isn't available here, but a good Buffy site, write us an email and
we would make it offline available when it is possible.

Please Note:

We don't have any advantage from this service. We did not change or use any content of the offline available sites.
So the copyright did not change, and is still by the owner of the online site, not by us.
The sites would be leaved as it is when it was copied. This options makes the service legally

We are not interested on the content of the listed pages, because the Slayer Network ist much bigger than one of these sites.
This service only exists, because every day/week/month there loose some of these Buffy sites there existence.

This service is not illegaly, we did not get payed for sitehits, this service make only more costs.
Google.com did use nearly the same technology, for the whole world wide web.

Other sites I know but the owners aren't on my flist (I don't think):
Shadows and Dust Fanficiton Awards
Shadow and Dust Fanfiction Archive
Primordial Soul
The BTVS Writers Guild

There are dozens of other websites listed there, so please take a look and if you know the owners, you might want to make them aware of this site. I don't know how many owners the person who contact me contacted.
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