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Anya Challenge

I came across this website today and it was pointed out to me that the sayings there would sound perfect coming out of Anya's mouth, so I give you a challenge.

At Someecards.com you'll find e-cards with messages that are, well, not so sentimental. You'll find Father's Day fare like "Dad, our relationship means the world to my therapist" and "Dad, you've always been like a father to me." Workplace cards include "I'm concerned that your job is interfering with your side projects," and "I'm glad you're comfortable with making less money than me." Need a note for a friend? How about "You peaked in high school" or "If you need to talk, I'll pretend to listen."

Sound like Anya to you? Me too.

The challenge is simple: go to the site and use at least one of the e-card sayings in your fic. Can be any length.

If you write a story using one of these prompts I'd appreciate a link to it, but it's not necessary. Just have fun with it!

ETA: Reposted as more of a challenge.
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