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Nominations are almost over

Hey All! Only a couple more days until nominations close at the paire_awards and there are still categories with open spots. I'm sure you can find good stories to nominate to fill them up. (I know that I'm only up in 2 categories. ::hint hint::)

He Cares About Me Award (Most Outstanding Romantic Fic) - 4 spots left
‘Cesty Goodness Award (Most Outstanding Canon Fic) - 2 spots left
Kring So Got It Wrong Award (Most Outstanding AU fic) - 3 spots left
Totally My Hero Award (Most Outstanding Comedy/Fluff fic) - 4 spots left
Larger Than Life Award (Most Outstanding Epic Fic or Series) - 3 spots left
The Cheerleader Award (Most Outstanding Claire-centric Fic) - 3 spots left
The Dreamer Award (Most Outstanding Peter-centric Fic) - 4 spots left
More The Merrier Award (Most Outstanding Peter/Claire/Other Fic) - 3 spots left
The Better Than Kring Award (Most Outstanding Author) - 3 spots left

Check out who is already nominated and then go nominate some more.

dragonydreams & eowyn_girl
Tags: perfect paire awards

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