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Winners have been announced at the SunnyD Awards!

The Winners for Round Eleven of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards have been posted. You can check them out H E R E.

Congrats to the winners on my flist: purplefeen, spikeysgrl18, shannon730, jennillu and skeeter451

Nominations are now open for Round Twelve.

I managed to win some awards too. Yay!
Magic in Numbers (Willow/Charlie Eppes) won the Best TV Crossover and was Runner Up for Best TV Crossover Pairing.
Kiss Me Deadly (Willow/Oz) won Best Pairing Conventional.
Intersecting Lives (Willow/Angel) was Runner Up for Best Fluff.

It feels like I didn't pay as much attention to the site this past round, but we still had a lot of voters and nominees. I managed to make a new header for the front page of the site. And I got the Giles layout done in time. I did all of the award plaques in one sitting this round too - during the Sci Fi Heroes marathon over the weekend.
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