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More Heroes finale thoughts

*kicks LJ* I'm not getting comments today. (Although I've gotten the same birthday reminder from LJ four times now.)

What happened to The Haitian? We haven't seen him since the end of "Parasite". Was his job over now that Claire had found the Petrellis? Were they afraid that he'd get in the way of stopping New York from blowing up? Couldn't he have neutralized Peter's exploding capabilities? Or did Peter have too many abilities for the Haitian to affect him?

Was Peter around the new arrivals to NY long enough for him to absorb their powers (assuming he's still alive, which he better be)? Does he have to be within a certain distance of the person to absorb their power? Does he also now have Molly, Michah, & DL's powers even though they were at the edge of the fight? We know he has Niki's, but she was standing right next to him.
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